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We enable schools to foster a blended learning approach that improves student-teacher engagement, both in-class as well as after-class.
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Why OneLern?

The increasingly digital and tech centric behaviours of students, teachers, and parents are expanding the way teaching and learning occurs. OneLern addresses that behavioural shift in helping educational institutions and its eco-system succeed from print to digital transition. Our products make learning accessible, inclusive and engaging.


Prepping schools and students for the future of education.
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A futuristic, curriculum-aligned, digital interactive book designed to deliver in-class and after-class learning. Used both online and offline, LernBook features delight students, teachers and schools alike.
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LernPrep is a faster, easier, and smarter digital assessment app that allows students to practice questions, take challenge tests and final mock tests online – anytime, anywhere.
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Students learn best when they enjoy what they are learning. LernWise is a self-paced learning app, thoughtfully designed to offer a fun-filled, reward-rich, gamified learning experience.
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LernBag is a robust repository of 50,000+ digital learning objects — 3D videos, interactive activities, simulations, virtual labs, quizzes — that transform abstract concepts into great engaging experience for teachers and students.
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